Cottage Paws Rescue and Mission


How exciting! You've decided to add to your family through adoption! You've come to the right place and we would love to help you find the perfect pet for your family. We thank you for choosing to Adopt-Not-SHOP. 

Our adoption process is designed to ensure each animal is matched with a home suitable for their specific needs and energy level, a place they can be loved and cared for in every way that they need, a happy place to call their FOREVER HOME.

Please make sure to visit our ADOPTION PROCESS page for more information. 

There are NO Perfect Pets. An animal is a lifetime commitment and requires love, understanding, patience and training, especially during their transition to a new home. Each animal is an individual and deserves commitment and effort from you. Loving a pet can be a rewarding experience with the right amount of attention and care - they certainly give you much more love in return than you can ever imagine.

When you are ready, please fill out and submit the application below:


What would best describe your street/neighborhood?
Select which would best describe your yard:
What would best describe your living arrangement?

If you are currently renting, we will require written permission/contact your landlord to ensure you are allowed to have animals in your rental property/apartment.

Please notify your veterinarian that you are submitting an application for one of our animals in foster care so that we can contact them as a reference. This will help speed up your application process, thank you! If you do not currently have a vet, we can discuss reference options.

Please provide three References and ensure atleast two of the references must not be related to you. Please list Name/Relationship/Phone number below:

Do you currently walk/run/jog with your pets or alone? Please select the best choice below

Are you willing to work on your new pet with issues? Please check all below that you are willing and able to work with.

Do you agree to puppy-proof your home and belongings so that things do not get damaged, chewed, swallowed by an animal? (animals can get into anything and chew phones, shoes, furniture, swallow chemicals, small objects, garbage, plants and food)
Have you ever been convicted of a felony?
Would you be willing to have a criminal record check done if we should require one?
How would you describe the activity level of your home?
Do you currently have pets?
Are all your pets up to date on vaccinations?
Are your current pets Spayed/Neutered? If no, please explain why
Do you agree to let Cottage Paws Rescue know if you can no longer keep your pet? We have a welcome home policy and always accept our animals back.

Before you sUBMIT...

THANK YOU for considering an adoption through us - every animal in our care deserve a forever home of their own!

Please be sure to enter all fields required in the form otherwise it will not be sent to us :) Thank you!