Cottage Paws Rescue and Mission


How exciting! You've decided to add to your family through adoption! You've come to the right place and we would love to help you find the perfect pet for your family. We thank you for choosing to Adopt-Not-SHOP. 

Our adoption process is designed to ensure each animal is matched with a home suitable for their specific needs and energy level, a place they can be loved and cared for in every way that they need, a happy place to call their FOREVER HOME.

We take every application seriously and into consideration. We do reserve the right to deny any application should we feel the home not suitable for the specific animal you have applied for. Our highest priority is to find the perfect home for the animals in our care through our screening process.


Fill out an application to the right of this page for the animal you would like to apply for - or allow us to find a perfect match for you! Once received, we will send you a confirmation email within 24 hours to start the adoption process. The questions we ask are very important as far as family dynamics, your lifestyle, to determine what kind of pet would be best for your family. We work with you through open communication to discuss your application and the pet you are interested in to see if you are the right match. 


Our screening process is where we review your application and discuss with you via a phone conversation. Once this is complete we will review your application with our board members. If your application meets our requirements we will continue with reference checks. Please ensure your references know they have been listed, as well as your Veterinarian as they need permission beforehand to speak to us about your file. 


Our home visit is done to meet you and your family in your home environment. We will take a casual walkthrough of your home and yard and discuss the pet further and how they would fit into your family. Any concerns or information that would help will be suggested through open communication during our visit.


If the screening and home visit is successful and we mutually agree we would like to go ahead with placing your chosen animal with your family, we will begin your ADOPTION! At this time you will pay the full adoption fee and sign our adoption form. You will be provided with the adoption kit, as well as any vet records for your new family member. We understand that adding a new member of your family can be an exciting but challenging time.  Our volunteers can help in any way with the animal's transition to your home and love seeing updates during this adaptation process. 


Thank you for your patience with our process.

Our rescue is 100% Volunteer-based and our volunteers are not paid and have work and family obligations of their own. 

We always do our best with the animal's well being in mind.  



Our Adoption Fee Includes:

 spay/neuter, updated vaccinations, flea/worm treatment

Cats $175

Kittens $200 (under 1 year)

Adult Dogs $400

Puppies (Under 1yr) $450

Senior Dogs (over 8) or Special Needs Dogs $350

*adjusted adoption fees may be applied to certain animals in our care due to their needs/age.


Our adoption fees cover a small part of our medical bills and help us save more lives.


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We consider all adoptions forever. Adding an animal to your family should be a LIFETIME commitment. While it is exciting to get a new pet, it does take time, patience, love and understanding to help an animal transition to a new life with you - especially a rescued animal. This period can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months or longer.  If you are not prepared to commit or act with the animal's best interest in mind - please do not adopt.

We adopt animals in good faith but we cannot guarantee the health, size, behaviour, temperament or training ability of our animals in every situation because most of our animals come to us with very limited background knowledge. 

In the event that it doesn't work out and you or we feel that the animal should go back to our rescue, we will gladly accept any animal back into our rescue. Our animals have been through a lot and we want the absolute best for them and will welcome them back at any time with open arms. Due to the nature of our rescue - adoption fees are non-refundable.