Cottage Paws Rescue and Mission


Foster homes are the gateway to a new life.

Our FOSTER volunteers open their hearts and homes to animals in need. A warm place to lie, a loving person to snuggle with, and most of all, attention and understanding. Sometimes we can never imagine what they’ve been through, sometimes the story is too hard for anyone to hear. It’s important to be understanding, compassionate and allow them to learn to trust again. 

Join a network of amazing volunteers that believe in the power of community and relationships! After all, animal lovers make great friends. Learn new skills, help spread the word about responsible pet ownership, find homes for animals in need and most of all - 

MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE in every life we touch. 


Cottage Paws Rescue relies on foster homes to house, assess and develop our animals to be suitable pets that can be adopted to loving FOREVER homes. Ongoing support is always provided from our volunteer team during this process. Medical bills are arranged and paid for by our rescue ONLY. It is important that all vet visits are approved and arranged beforehand through us. We will supply you with a collar/leash/pet tag for our rescue as well as any shampoo, harness, and other donated items we acquire if available. Foster homes are responsible for food (If we do not have any donated food items available) and basic care. We occasionally get food donations and share with our foster homes. 


Click here for our FOSTER Application!